Beth Deutsch
Beth Deutsch, P.A., N.E., owner of Future of Wellness

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Beth Deutsch, P.A., N.E., is a health care provider in the Colorado Springs community who specializes in a natural hormonal replacement or “time hormone capture.”

Beth completed advanced course work from the College of Advanced EAV Training and is currently involved in natural approaches in Endocrinology and natural hormone replacement.

She combines her traditional medical training with the use of EAV/bioenergetics to achieve results.

Dental material compatibility testing is also available.

Beth’s philosophy is working through
emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects
to create a “whole care” approach to your health.

It is estimated that over 85% of all visits to a physician are the result of underlying emotional situations or psychological distress. Successfully managing stress significantly improves an individual’s overall health and well-being.
Inhibit the fight or flight mechanism from ruling your life.
Experience what many others have achieved,
Good Health!
Call 719.447.0910 for an appointment.
Future of Wellness is located at 1618 West Colorado Ave.
Office Hours: Mon. – Thur.
CBD Testimonies

Beth is a very caring health care provider, who listens and cares for people. She guided me towards trying CBD and I Mag T and I am grateful to her, for her health care facility and the compassionate care she has for people.

CBD is not just another health care fad. It really works and is changing people’s lives. Especially those who live with PTSD. I have felt absolutely no side effects from taking CBD, just benefits that have definitely improved my quality of life. I am grateful.

I had heard about CBD and that it has helped vets with PTSD. I was open to trying something that has already helped so many people. CBD has changed my life. I used to be a shut-in with unimaginable PTSD symptoms. Counseling and coping skills worked mentally, somewhat, but the high anxiety that kept me from living a worthwhile life was absolutely there. I didn’t want to take heavy pharmaceuticals. I started taking CBD 3-4 times a day. Over about 2 weeks to a month’s time, I started to feel my fear and anxiety go from a 10 to a manageable 3 or 4. I leave the house with less fear now. I am applying for jobs and volunteer around town now. My feeling of anxiety, depression, fear and uneasiness has significantly lessened to the point that my life has improved and I am enjoying my life.
   – Marie Allen

Youngevity Testimony

The first time I went to Beth Deutsch was December 26th, 2018. Not feeling good, she said I was dehydrated and malnourished. So we started taking the vitamin she recommended. Youngevity 90 For Life, 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night, 1 cap of the liquid minerals both morning and night.

When I first saw Beth I could hardly keep my eyes open. Now since January 8th 2019, I can keep the eyes lids up better. The eyes are not so sunk back in my eye sockets. My tongue had gotten to where food of almost any kind was burning it. My skin was taking a long time to snap back in place on my hand. It is quicker now.

When I lay down at night my insides would shake. Now they are still. It is nice. When I rolled over at night, I felt like I was burning on the inside. That has pretty much stopped. I have more energy and keep my thoughts together more, I can remember things better now. I really like what these vitamins and minerals have done for me.
   – Barbara Gibson

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