VIBE Machine

Each cell of the body resonates, or vibrates, at a specific frequency.

The body has a higher frequency or vibration when it is healthy and a lower frequency when it is sick.

When the body is overwhelmed by toxic  substances, thoughts or feelings, the vibration of the bio-energetic energy that runs through it is lowered.

Due to the constant stresses of modern life and a toxic environment, the voltage of individual cells in the body tends to fall as we age or get sick.

VIBE Machine

Imbalances in the body can be created by the food we eat, pollution we breathe in, exposure to negative energetic environments and how we process information through our thoughts and emotions.

This lowered vitality makes it difficult for the body’s immune system to resist the effects of invisible electromagnetic pollution, harmful physical substances, negative fear-based thoughts or heavy emotions. Over time, the weakened immune system is reflected externally in the body by terminal physical imbalance or disease.

Gene Koonce, inventor of the VIBE machine, believes that “disease is
a state of non-vibrating, non-charged or non-energized cells.”

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